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Pavel, Rest for 5 minutes, and do two reps with the weight you laddered in the last two weeks. After 40 kg x 1, Military Press 2h Thanks. Do not be surprised that in one session your reps go down as you fatigue and in another suddenly go up halfway through. StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Certification Prep Guide. Kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight. I tested at 28 kg for 4 presses prior to program, although earlier this year I was at 6 for double 28’s. Befor: I attempted a 12th rep on week 6, but failed on my L arm. After the first minute, you may sit down and rest passively. Presses, pulls, squats. Weight Used. Soon myself is going to join the happy SFG family . E.g. Yes Sir!! on Saturdays only or on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Pavel Tsatsouline, the author of Plan Strong™, has made a career out of taking the very complex from the elitist domain of strength nerds and translating it into everyday English. My Pull-Up Strength shot up and I was surprised how easy it was to do my pull-ups! Can I safely assume that I should choose the 28’s for week 7 presses? The purpose of Strongfirst is to get strong first. It takes time, effort, and consistency. What I truly admire about you is the grace and honor in which you carry yourself. The company spent millions on R&D, yet built only 4,000 GTs shut down the production in spite of great demand. Je considère faire ce program. But we will not be talking about snatches and C&Js. I Highly recommend this excellent strength improving program by Pavel! The seminar will be highly interactive, with some of you designing programs in front of the class and others being called on the spot to evaluate. There are no rep goals to meet and no formal progression; just do as many perfect reps as you can and record them. It was tested with great success by Level II SFG certified instructors supervised by Master SFG Fabio Zonin. Deload week: 1H presses with 36kg & pulls with “beast”. There is a unique and gratifying sense of completion when you lock out each rep […], Co-authored by Jonathan Pope Special operations selection courses are not just physically challenging. Power to comrades! Military Press 1h: I hit 13 reps 4 times, which was previously my best effort. By Michael Perry May 31, 2016. My end results were a 1 rep max military press of the 32 kilo bells and pull ups of 3 reps with and added 16 kg for a 3 solid reps! May I suggest the Total Tension Complex.). But I’m sticking to my current ‘thing’ for a while. I worked with double 24’s & 28’s for military press & 24 bell for pull. Similarly, the internet and social media expose us to […], COURSES: KETTLEBELL | BARBELL | BODYWEIGHT | FOUNDATIONS, CERTIFICATIONS: KETTLEBELL I | KETTLEBELL II | BARBELL | BODYWEIGHT, SPECIAL EVENTS: PLAN STRONG™ | STRONG ENDURANCE™ | SECOND WIND, The Snatch Pyramid: Optimize Your Snatch Training, Special Operations Selection—How to Train for the Stress and Ambiguity of the World’s Toughest Test, A Minimalist Kettlebell Program for Busy Professionals, One-arm/One-leg Pushups and the Center of the Universe. Thanks! Press (1H): 44kg x 2 right, 44kg x 1 left hand Pull up: 32kg x 2. will likely decide between a return trip to total tension complex with 28kg (previously completed with 24 kg) or ROP with 28kg in the coming weeks. But what best Lower Body work could be used with this program? Identified the fundamental principles any intelligent person with no special education can understand. There is much we can accomplish within the length of one year. Pavel, how do you determine kettle bell weight to use? I will come back and do this program again with the 28kg bells now that my strength has improved! What RM for the pull up? Que recommanderiez-vous pour remplacer les SQs? With limited access to gear at the moment can this program be modified for single arm presses? Why would Ford waste that money and not focus on their biggest seller, the sensible Taurus? But something was missing… For years some of the best of the Soviet strength science resisted his efforts to distill it to a tight “how to” package. I used the 24 kgs bells for my training and my Body weight of 207 pounds for StrongFirst is proud to present an exclusive seminar on the most sophisticated and powerful strength training system ever—the Soviet weightlifting system. Test after 8-10 minutes of rest (timed). You will learn how to apply the System to kettlebell and barbell military presses, weighted pullups and pistols, and the three powerlifts for extraordinary […] We constantly research, refine, experiment. But we will not be talking about snatches and C&Js. Much respect! another question: How long is the rest on the light day Wednesday? So these programs are geared for strength. Lettered 28 kg bells My results after six 6 weeks: When you serve extreme customers, be it race drivers or champion athletes, you get more than professional satisfaction with a job well done in a most challenging environment. Thank you very much. Pull ups. They can be done with a variety of weights, tempos, rep schemes, and in my experience, give more “what the heck” (WTH) effects than anything else. Some time ago Ford produced a speeding bullet—the Ford GT. It was just too intricate. Mark, great job and thanks for a thorough report! Everything works for what? You may have even attended a worksh... Pavel Tsatsouline is the CEO of StrongFirst, Inc. Pavel, can you please clarify one thing, since you moved this topic here. After Almost 48 kg and my weight increased 10 lb from last time my PR, I was a little exhausted at Pull ups I will rest and check it again more freshly. Everything seems clear. Thank you. Today we will give you a very powerful strength plan based on the most cutting-edge Russian research. did KB or BB FSQ’s on leg days, moving from 4 x 8 to 4 x 6 to 5 x 3 weeks 1,2,3 and repeating at slightly higher load weeks 4,5,6. best set performance of presses within the 6 weeks was 11, which I hit 3 times on the Wednesday session weeks 4, 5 & 6. Unfortunately I don’t have two bells at each weight right now. Wrote almost foolproof algorithms that will enable anyone with an adult attention span and grade school math skills to write individualized state of the art strength programs for athletes of any level. To learn more, refer to last year’s blog, How to Build Your Slow Fibers, Part I. Match the reps of your weaker arm. Do your leg work whenever you think appropriate, e.g. Bringing power to the people. After whatever warm-up or lack of thereof that you are accustomed to, perform the following number of sets of presses and pull-ups: Use 5-6RM weights in all ladders both weeks. Are these all apropriate choices and which one is better? The logic remains the same, only the weights change to target the fast fibers. They are not intended to train marathoners or bodybuilders directly, but rather to give them a base to work from. I may try a modified version sometime. I started with a 6 rep max of 24kg bells on military presses and a pull up body weight max of 6 reps. Or, Long Rest Program, perhaps? (We have tested it with double front squats as well, but the gains were not as impressive, so train your lower body in a manner of your choice.).

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