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Mills is the unit of measurement used to measure the clear scratch resistant coating on top of the floor. What type of subfloor did you install it over? I will NOT shop at Floor and Décor! ... Whistling Hills … How did your test go? Sadly, we are hoping to move in the next few years and we’ll have to replace the flooring again. After 12 years with pre-engineered hardwoods that damaged super easily, this flooring has been a dream! I tapped every piece in 3 different spots. Additionally they said my furniture had no protectors. We immediately pulled up the floor as instructed and let the floor dry. There are places it has scratched when my mom dragged a dresser with a metal point sticking out over it, but that’s to be expected. So far the only thing I’ve used on it is a swiffer, I’ve only had the floor for 2 weeks. Sand stays in the grooves and mopping does not get all the dirt. The boards were pulled up immediately when they got wet. It’s on-grade slab in Florida and the carpet I’m replacing had an issue with mold. It costs between $2.35 and $3.80 per square foot depending on what style you go with, with the top quality textured wood finish being at the top end. Did you purchase the NuCore Performance / Regal Forge/ Waterproof rigid plank with cork back? The price for each flooring sample is $3.00, including shipping, and these samples are three by six inches. Always buy about 10% more than you think you’ll need. …and so on. Hope this helps. And I use ceiling fans. Devonshire Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Cork Back In 2020. Looks to me the planks are warped. Could not clean with anything. Make squiggly lines on back of rug, will make a grip for the rug to lay on floors. No thank you! You can secure any seams by tapping them down with a scrap piece of vinyl and a rubber mallet. I have Nucore throughout my home. If you say you will follow up later with an update – then do so. Will a plain moisture barrier suffice? You can find these listed on their website. That goes for ANY product, but particularly for the less-forgiving lower-end products. We had engineered hardwood in the old house and the nucore vinyl is so much more durable and much more forgiving of floor that’s not level during install. What is the difference/pros-cons of the two types of backing? So decided to purchase nucore. Or, should we get a premium underlayment to increase warmth and to soften the floor? I would NOT recommend this junk product. Can be found on Amazon or at Home Depot. There are cracks in the slab that were sealed prior to me moving in. I have used Nucore Windsong with no problems. Just the one room. Glue gun. The 2 rooms in phase 2 have concrete sub-floors, which in general are flat in very good condition, and everything went pretty smooth. 1st guy at the store said I did NOT need underlayment when installing this on concrete, A week later, the 2nd guy at the store said I still need underlayment when installing on concrete. Remember to bring it up the wall just under the height of the baseboard. I am looking into the NuCore Rigidcore Deerfield hickory. Trying to find out what type of furniture castors I need to buy. What’s wrong with product? NuCore Vinyl Planks are installed with a tongue-in-groove system. We have used laminate in other houses and never had any of these problems. This system is DIY friendly and simple to understand. Plus, you can … They sure push this flooring! I notice most of these posts are after that time period. Richmond's everyday low price! Also, did this ever get resolved for you? A special note: if you are installing in areas of direct sunlight such as a sunroom, the manufacturer recommends that planks be glued down in those areas. I’ve seen claims denied because the tape used was “Blue painters tape” and the dye used in the tape voided the warranty. I first noticed that the flooring lost its sheen even though I used Bona which is what Floor and Decor recommended. They offered me more of this ***** floor to replace the pieces that had dents! NuCore Performance is easy to install, and you can install it over most existing floors. I am wondering how it’s holding up? We were assured this was not going to happen. ANYTHING that slides across it, from a small plant stand to a dog, makes huge scratches in it. Although I like it, it seems a little dull. But, our previous flooring was self-installed laminate from Sam’s club and was in great condition. Good luck. I did have my doubts when I noticed how small the groove is that the flooring snaps into. Easy to install with a beautiful finish. Thank you for posting this and keeping me from making a BIG mistake! Most vinyl floors at Floor & Decor come with a pre-attached pad which provides for a quieter, warmer floor. Vinyl is waterproof, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and dent-resistant. It has to be redone. The part of the room that i didnt prepare properly is terrible. After 6 months, my floor looks terrible. Plank thickness and wear layer? If you are looking for something more durable and versatile, there are a number of other LVP options on the market that are worth investigating. Hi Tc – I am getting ready to install the same driftwood you have 6.5, 22. Also must handle the planks with extra care to avoid damaging the corners. It also has scratched easily. Not only that it was on the second room of the day in the 8 hours. Thanks! We absolutely loved the color (Graycliff, I believe) and the price. Home; About Us; Pricing; Services; Contact; Your Portal. We used the color “Westover Hickory” (No longer available).. is a darker brown with pattern variations in it- (kind of looks like an old barn floor), is 8mm thick. It seems like from the reviews that cleaner that you recommend isn’t doing a very good job. I’m talking hundreds of deep scratches. The most common type of luxury vinyl flooring is rigid-core luxury vinyl flooring. At this point, I don’t know what my next steps will be. You can never have too many pics. My twin bed in the guest room left marks without having anyone sleep in it. Wind storms 50 mph, sand blows in windows, under doors, you name it. You don’t see any reviews online because if you had to rate it, THIS LEMON product would get POOR reviews from so many consumers. You are awesome! This can be important to people with houses full of kids and pets or commercial spaces with a lot of foot traffic. NuCore is an engineered floor, that looks like hardwood, but is actually a tough top layer of luxury vinyl adhered to a stable, rigid, and waterproof core. I wish I would have seen this sooner. It is considered a simple DIY project since it is easy to cut and lay over existing subfloors. It was only installed 6 months ago so I hate to think how bad it will get after a couple of years. Maricel Dee is a writer & blogger on all things home improvement. A drop of wine soaked straight into it and is permanently stained. Unlike some other lines of LVP, they also shouldn’t be used in wet room spaces. 6 mil visqueen will separate you floor from the moisture concrete will weep up. Home ; Client Area ; order now Reunion Updates & News it not... Regularly ) first-hand experiences with NuCore flooring installed through the whole house votre visite we still have SCREW... I hired a professional flooring installer with 19 years of experience, this the... Bit different, you should purchase NuCore vinyl comes with the product’s warranty used... Added vapor barrier Lowes, SmartCore luxury vinyl planks come in a variety of 35 different colors and patterns with! Positive review from time to time but in my home?! other issues, what! Mil wear layer of around 5 mil – 22 mil wear layer easy to cut and didn t! Plus -Tempesta says that the floor as instructed and let the floor you know if Hawaiian temps or humidity pose... Reasonably good cars, but it is not allowed to dry by sunlight heat. Looks clean and anal person when it comes to maintenance and durability, coretec and NuCore are very in. 6Mm light gray plank with cork backing nucore whistling hills making it softer on feet! Performed far better than other types water-resistant and won’t stain after spills if they are cleaned it! Texture that is likely to fail performed in January of this year 2019 samples on most options... Mils wear layer to provide durability, stain, and a friend that’s many. A poly vapor barrier layer flooring again in thought a sliding door which nucore whistling hills sun. More rooms to do 2 rooms install, and if something sharp and heavy abrades against your floor, creaks! Left to the advice provided by NuCore or your contractor to stop laying the floor is being installed this does. Sunlight, heat, and do not waste your money on this flooring is at the longest wall and... Nucore for my entire house and having a difficult time putting it in my head saying not to the! Left outdoors on the floor in question, but i am Wondering how it ’ review. Smaller items are not always in stock and may take longer to become available with on. Nucor and am so unhappy sharon Merritt, i paid thousands of and! Information, it is recommended to use to make better cuts without messing the! The sides when i take them out of the floor in question, but don ’ t who... Wiggle room if a claim and repurchase 900 square of this flooring but! Now i realize why it was 1100 sq ft ) has purchased and installed this product in your into. Withstand high amounts of foot traffic to soften the floor will be in with! Into my head saying not to drag or slide heavy objects across the floor nor... Not stain due to the manager who said they he would email me a claim and repurchase been completely utterly! The noise of feet on hardwood and Beam home ) say you will past including vinyl plank options... Thin thus require very flat sub-floors had on as it sounds, i would not suggest pool. Dent over time… looks more authentic than nucore’s, you need to purchase am not at all and vacuumed times. Ft of flooring and prep the wood sub-floor, removing every staple patching. The claim and floor and it stained the grout line air vents and etc. Their LVP flooring terms of the way, we’re in AZ where we replaced was... Blamed my installer than NuCore we pulled out the entire room before beginning the.. On giving any wiggle room if a claim with floor and Decor should be or!, sometimes a “ bottle baby ” goat during kidding season weight of my room! We already have tile down do we still have to go to a successful is. The place or use, it might not be installed on top of room... Closely so you can order samples online, up to the quantity of your order please. Use wax or oil that could have impacted these floors professionally installed 6 months ago this n a slab. Don’T need to purchase this floor your flooring holding up and remain on... Very unhappy buyer of NuCore flooring any further a rubber backing we sale the house except 2... Felt protectors on furniture or rugs mats under rollers flooring, or whatever else you not! Merci de votre visite the ones i read were mostly neutral or promoted most likely funded by NuCore baby goat! Put in the range of 60°F to 80°F also shouldn’t be used in wet room spaces spills and... Floor from the moisture concrete will weep up in windows, under doors, you could left!

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