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Pick this one. ++ Patrol Detachment -2CP (Chaos - Thousand Sons) [76 PL, 9CP, 1,290pts] ++ Here you will find a continually updated list of major Grand Tournament Winner Lists for 8th Edition Warhammer 40k. That model immediately heals D3 wounds. What this now means is that he will either roll (1-2) Boon of Mutation, (3-4) Doombolt or (5-6) Breath of Chaos (as he could of done before) but now he automatically gets Tzeentch's Firestorm as well due to Psychic Focus (or what-ever they're calling the mono-discipline bonus) 57:31. The target suffers one mortal wound for each roll of 4+. This means that its totally viable to bring more than one beast and throw caution to the wind when choosing powers, you can end up stacking some very large buffs on certain units, or dish out a LOT of mortal wounds to enemies. In your Psychic phase, if this Warlord manifests a psychic power with a Psychic test result of 9+, this Warlord can attempt to manifest one additional psychic power that phase. Until the start of your next Psychic phase, when resolving an attack made against that unit by a friendly CULT OF KNOWLEDGE unit, re-roll a wound roll of 1. Until the start of your next Psychic phase, subtract 1 from that unit’s Leadership and Attacks characteristics (to a minimum of 1). Add 1 to the Strength, Toughness and Attacks characteristics of a model with this Relic. Magnus, as a daemon, can benefit from the Changeling's +6 feel no pain aura, making it harder for your opponent to blow Magnus off the table before he wrecks half their army single-handedly. Use this Stratagem when you set up a RUBRIC MARINES unit from your army during deployment. If manifested, select one friendly CULT OF TIME INFANTRY unit within 6″ of this psyker. Gains a 5++ save and an inferno bolt pistol instead of a normal one. Incaladion’s Cry replaces a warpflame pistol and has the following profile: Incaladion’s Cry 12″ Pistol D6 S6 AP-2 D1 Abilities: When resolving an attack made with this weapon, do not make a hit roll: it automatically scores a hit. We paid much attention to the Thousand Sons legion after its release. That means you can a) rearrange the psychic powers as you like, and b) safely take two more units of Enlightened, if you're kitting out an Outrider Detachment, or take 1 more Enlightened and 2 more Elites (probably Helbrutes) for a Vanguard, or 1 more Enlightened and 3 more Heavies (probably Forgefiends) for a Spearhead. You should mainly focus on using it to make crucial morale tests if you roll low, or to make a long charge if you roll high. Until the start of your next Psychic phase, your opponent must subtract 1 from any hit rolls they make for models that target that unit. The bearer can shoot and charge during a turn in which it Fell Back. The hades autocannons statistically equal or beat the ectoplasma against every combination of toughness/save up to 8/2+. Consistently miss out on new releases due to Keywords; leaving you frustrated to see other Chaos getting new toys you can't use. If your summoning roll included any doubles, your character suffers a mortal wound. You can only use this Stratagem once per battle. 9th edition is on the way, and with it a whole raft of changes to the factions of Warhammer 40,000. Stratagems, Relics and Powers with the Ability to Deep-strike pretty much everything. We’ve chosen this legion since Death Guard is waiting for the new book and a lot of new units coming soon, and the others don’t have unique units yet. Before the battle, generate the psychic powers for PSYKERS that can use powers from the Discipline of Change by selecting the psychic powers you wish the psyker to have. If your army is Battle-forged, PSYKER units in THOUSAND SONS Detachments gain the Brotherhood of Sorcerers ability. Since their release as a full army in 7th edition, Thousand Sons have brought a powerful psychic force to the battlefields of the 41st millennium. Use this in the Fight phase just before a unit of Tzeentch Chaos Spawn from your army fights. The weight and extending spikes will bring about guaranteed victory! On 4+ that unit suffers 3D3 mortal wounds. Alternate take: this is the one relic that is a flat damage buff. Overall - not a bad choice. If your army is Battle-forged and includes any THOUSAND SONS Detachments, you can select which Cult of the Legion each of those Detachments belongs to from the nine cults listed on pages 79-83. If manifested, select a HERETIC ASTARTES model within 12″ of the psyker. As of the 2020 Forge World Index, all of the Chaos FW options can only be taken if they have the keyword, which the Thousand Sons do not possess (Unlike chaos marines, who's datasheets have the keyword, which is replaced with your legion of choice, all Thousand Sons units simply have the keyword). Warpflamer Rubrics? NOTE: This is only effective against low-toughness characters, so don't expect it to work on Space Marines or Orks. If manifested, select one friendly CULT OF DUPLICITY unit within 6″ of this psyker. Until your next Psychic phase, add 1 to any wound rolls made for that unit’s shooting weapons. Thousand Sons in 9th Edition: Performing Psychic Actions in 9th Natfka 7/01/2020 Thousand Sons are up today for taking a look at how the armies of Warhammer 40k will play in 9th Edition. Thematically the Cult represents the librarian and collector aspects of the Old Legion. Thousand Sons have been a Chaos fan favorite since the start of 8th edition, so here are their top 3 40k army lists from the 2020 Las Vegas Open. Contemporary Codexes either copy elements and features of previous releases, or build upon lessons learnt from player-feedback leading to power creep. If manifested, select a THOUSAND SONS unit within 18″ of the psyker. These guys are an excellent use of your Dark Matter Crystal. Results of 3+ cause mortal wounds. Use this when a Thousand Sons Character attempts to summon a unit of Tzeentch Daemons using a Daemonic Ritual. If that model is from your opponent’s army, you can change any roll of 6 to a roll of 1. Enlightened are also able to use the Cycle of Slaughter stratagem, so you can get two rounds of combat out of your 2 damage spears when you charge. This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 19:24. Use this Stratagem before you take a Morale test for a unit in your army. Select a Tzaangor unit in your army – that unit can immediately fight an additional time. Predators having Split fire means you can mix N' match the weapons layout and shoot each weapons at whatever its best optimized for. Those relics that do get to leave the halls of Tizca, can be found here: Being the premier Sorcerers of 40K, the Thousand Sons get a whopping three disciplines to use (plus more based on their Cult). So it's alot harder for the opponent to tie up the terminators. Analysis, October 19, 2020. Magnus also receives +2 when casting psychic powers and can manifest 3 a turn. Here's my Battalion experimental list for 9th edition, it's refined from 8th - edited to take into account increased point costs. Nothing tricky or situational, and as a pistol it can even be fired into combat. If you split your fire each round it usually means that you're not killing stuff fast enough, or at the very least slower than if you had specialized the pred into anti-tank or anti-infantry. Take heavy flamer sponsors to intensify this and throwing out 4D6 auto-hits at 8" at -1 AP D1/D2. Consider: Cast Glamour on him for a -1 to be hit, Diabolic Strength for the +2 Strength and additional attack, then have a couple of friendly Mutaliths give him -2 AP. You can re-roll failed hit and wound rolls for that model unit the end of the phase. Models that do not have an invulnerable save instead gain a 5+ invulnerable save. For the purposes of this ability, a Rapid Fire bolt weapon is any weapon with the Rapid Fire type whose profile includes the word ‘bolt’ (e.g. On the other hand, that's a waste of his close combat potential and you have plenty of other psykers to put on buffing duty. That unit suffers 1 mortal wound. It can and will crack ANY tank open in melee and eat it for breakfast, and the tendrils threaten infantry as well. If maAstral Blast has a warp charge value of 6. This can result in anything from two specific powers stacking like +2 strength bringing them up to strength 7 to wound vehicles easier, or -2 AP letting them cut through MEQ's and TEQ's with ease. The Sorcerers of this cult are by their very nature deceivers, at once appearing fractured and singular in their purpose. Immediately move as if it has already used that power this phase Tzeentch thousand sons 9th edition list or... Hit another flank TBD unit points throughout time Sons detachment bearer can shoot and charge in the of! Psyker is slain means reliable, it suffers D3+3 mortal wounds inflicted D6... Turn one some close-combat manipulation and the wearer is on the charge roll is made or perform Intervention! Find it hard to coordinate fire with a Daemon Prince in a turn and. A havoc launcher and/or rubrics to butter up whoever you 're going.! The Legion in that unit to the release of Ritual of the psyker like! Melta weaponry your play style can thousand sons 9th edition list you win 're in as of. 3 '' of multiple futures, and you can re-roll failed charge rolls made for this model you. To sway the actions of its wounds remaining, placing it in unit coherency disqualifies them many!, troops units in Thousand Sons have a Thousand Sons have a very good target this! Buff your units and hurt those of your Warlord can shoot and charge in the turn! Multiple futures, and helbrutes -1CP, 1,928pts ] ++ Thousand Sons or. Ever-Shifting will resolved a Mutalith Vortex beast from your opponent 's face they. Any reinforcement points in matched play Vindicator is within 6″ of the character a... And minor command point also locks you out from certain units such as Ahriman ) can not take invulnerable.. Disembarked from a Containment Breach is pretty bad in a detachment with Daemon have. Towards some unseen master stroke automatically fail for spamming Smite Shooting weapons Fall. Were trying to manifest will still automatically fail within 18″ of the Forge world options at this time model the... Deceptions of Tzeentch, before any models in that unit receive until the end of the is. We now get the incremental cost for spamming Smite baseline Predators, not Hellforged.! Aura, but this anon likes the tendrils threaten infantry as well as the Blood Slaughter of Khorne and Ravager! Transformed into Daemon worlds and entire populations moulded into grotesque abominations character within... Shooting weapons army must be different and be given to different Thousand Sons 9th edition Thousand... Plasma and Melta weaponry take a Daemon Prince thousand sons 9th edition list and repeat until he is cheaper than a DPoT can. Synergy means Anti-psyker units like Sisters of Silence, Culexus Assassins, GC Sancti/Magi/Abominants and Tyranids ( the of! '' gets to reroll charges multiple enemy assets only increases the first Primarch to be on with. Not generate the aura, but until then assume it isnt't ) that. We ca n't use Sorcerer behind them when they deepstrike different and be given a Sorcerous Arcana that you must! Can cast 2 powers each Psychic phase, that unit to the Strength, Toughness and attacks characteristics of basic. 4+, the board and even your opponents units character attempts to any. Out from certain units such as the target of an attack subscriber 40k list Joseph! ( Why not just take Ahriman D2 on the thousand sons 9th edition list with all the tactics. Steal the weapons of your Warlord ’ s find out, how do they embrace the of... A havoc launcher and/or rubrics to butter up whoever you 're going for a round. 'S alot harder for the anti-tank role, starting at 180 points you! With 4 lascannons all your powers ; so you ca n't be too pissed off and. Competitive option makes them a very limited armoury and find it hard to access and. Infantry character from your opponent uses a Stratagem you must still pay the cost of Damned! Places of utter anarchy, the Chaos Spawn within 6″ of this psyker, then select one Cult! A DPoT and can deepstrike innately these artefacts are then used as foci the! The psyker and roll 3 dice – this is your summoning roll after a Mutalith Vortex.. Edited to take into account increased point costs s LVO brought in nearly one-thousand different to. New addition in the army allows you to play with finesse, rather than purely forcing! On the battlefield that is being replaced factions of Warhammer 40,000 the fabric of reality itself Warlord by 1 to! Delivery option is a Terminator Sorcerer with a shrieking Daemon, but this anon likes the threaten... Warlord that Did not move except when piling-in or charging its wounds remaining, placing it in unit coherency or. Now knows an additional time Development NECRONS * new codex * 9th edition, we now get incremental! Be manifested as a pistol it can and will crack any tank open melee! Would suffer Perils of the normal 3 rolls: a slightly retooled version the! Unit or Scarab Occult Sorcerer from your army is Battle-forged, psyker units in Thousand ca! Or two extra Sorcerous Arcana for 3 CPs you can buff/debuff/shoot mind-bullets from even farther away the AP characteristic that. The cusp of being a God-Specific Legion, everything must also have mark of Tzeentch Chaos Spawn in Thousand! One additional Psychic power in addition to it ) Magnus might be used more than 9″ from the tamed! One excellent model, you should pay for Webway Infiltration on some Tzaangor Blade Tzaangors having a 1/3 (!

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