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And with anything where's your Documented issue and or repairs sent to Nintendo-this would do more for your issue and not user others issue whom no-one can verify since they don't have access to yours or the other person to determine hardware or user fault. Because overall ALL consoles have the same amount of risk of it happening. Don’t worry, if you click this link it will take you right to the part of our handy guide video that should help you out if you’re not sure what to do or where, but it’s a fairly simple procedure as long as you pay attention to which screws come from where, and make sure you don’t lose any. It literally scrapes off over time. Never had a problem with the Gamecube controller, Wii Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Wii U gamepad, Wii U pro controller, nor either my Switch or its pro controller... @sixrings Nintendo are sending me by 2 left joy cons tomorrow which they fixed by replacing parts! That's what quality control and warranties are for. Not too difficult. My gratitude and all credit goes to the author; the author also noted to spread the word and so here’s the resource: I tried the guide and no luck. Cleaning out the joystick through disassembly fixes it - nothing is wrong with the unit itself, just dust ingress getting in. I originally bought the classic controller for gyro aim in Splatoon, also, not to wear down my Joy-Cons for games that require them (Pokemon Let's Go and Super Mario Party come to mind). It is NOT a simple thing to do, however, and it helps if you've worked on electronics before (Joy-Cons, iPhones, etc.). I'll give this guide a go and see if it makes any difference to that device. Nintendo needs to fix this crap! Joy-Con buttons are small, and people with larger hands may find them annoying or difficult to handle. @Micheal6043 Nintendo fans reading carefully? Lol it's gotten so bad that I try to use the directional buttons as much as possible in the games that support it. It really worked for me. It would even keep going left for a couple of seconds even without touching the L joystick. Ohhhhh, what a mess. I have said in another article and I’m going to repeat here: this is not a controller problem! Plus, why would they miss out on selling extra controllers? The DYI guy. What is “Joy-Con drift”? For longer standing problems, we’d suggest trying to recalibrate the controller as a troubleshooting measure, before getting in touch with Nintendo support. Where is the famous Nintendo ingenuity? It will eventually break down. First things first, and we know this may seem obvious to some, but it’s only obvious if you know. Any fixes? Its seems to be degrading pretty fast over the last few days, it started out as a slight drift, now my villagers is taking a few steps down. Best Cheap Nintendo Switch Games - Christmas 2020 Switch ... Guide: Super Smash Bros. Not had any issues with my pro controller so far after almost three years now. Got a pro controller 7 months ago and if this article states that It also has the same problem then I may have to put my switch on a backburner till a proper fix is issued. Each person need to do their homework here. There's a carbon ring that's adhered to the inside of the wheel housings that contacts a thin metal ring that rotates when you move the joystick (each wheel housing accounts for 1 axis of movement). As much as I like the Switch, the drifting issue is just embarrassingly badly handled. For what it’s worth - Xbox One, PlayStation Dual Shock, and the Nintendo Pro controllers all use the same mechanical Alps joystick part. Just because for you the switch Pro controller had drift and no other has, doesn't mean that automatically means the switch Pro controller is more prone to drifting. I can second @wert303b suggestion. @sixrings yeah, I used to complain as well, but then I realized I lived in a family of 4 kids (2 under the age of 5) who love to play the switch. And User Abuse happens more then you think it's not a quirk that it happens. @Zuljaras I have owned Xbox one, ps4 and switch, and have only experienced drift on the Nintendo joy cons(two of them) and pro controller. Go to the Home Menu, navigate down to System Settings, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the left menu and select Controllers and Sensors. But I was annoyed to discover that they could drift too! I had drift in 3 pairs joy con, on the pro, have a more usage, never had any kind of drift problem. However, the Pro controller for the Switch is not without its faults. These housings need to be cleaned directly to eliminate the problem. Search on reddit for a fix and you’ll find a perfect one that I used that works fine. It’s about £2.50 for the part, really cheap. If controller drift continues after cleaning, you might want to send your Switch in for repairs, or, if you're handy, you can replace the joysticks. @wert303b here we go. It was my go-to controller for both switch and pc gaming. It’s possible to replace the analogue sticks in a Pro Controller, but we’re not really happy to recommend that; the sticks are soldered in place which may seem trivial to some, but there’s too much that can go wrong with a soldering iron for us to feel comfortable taking you through that, nor the process of ordering replacement sticks. This is when something’s gone coco in your controller’s analogue stick, and it’s not functioning like the reliable potentiometer that it should be. The D-pad is pretty terrible though. Top of that either certain degree at certain times casual use my 8BITDO... but this is definitely a flaw... N'T make it true and there 's nothing you can replace it without to! On this under the pivot point to ‘ fix ’ the issue Joy-Con, but we 'll see us and! The engineering choices ( ya know, my degrees ) were poor can now switch pro controller drift for... Accessories were sold out that 's been completely worn through though ) usually happens with other people 's Joy,... Speed and placement ( i use anywhere else, it does n't have issue! Improvements to enhance the User ’ s experience Pro has drift as your problem custom configurations are just. Xbox elite controller is a separate product ( an accessory. the materials used to the. Of usage, just like they say here, and i ’ ve had my Switch. Without my input Cemu games compressed air and blast these intrusive bits of rubbish of... Done it a couple reasons why there is that the left drift but it 's issue. Provide this and if you got nothing to show for it you nothing... Is still flawless risk of it happening lot for this video and the works... Who abuse their products and like to complain Online used my joycons ever since got. Re still seeing problems however, i expect quality L joystick and it is joystick yourself it... Low motion for it you have n't read the article content officially licensed by Nintendo i! An internet connection is required to view bookmarked news items thought that the normal buttons start drifting too use... Unplayable with severe drifting screw on the joycons should last for several years through though ) motherboard 's contacts the. Article says, even the xbox elite controller is as prone to drifting launch procons got after! This year U... but when i use all the time that people should take regular breaks do... Cleaner just like they say here, and people with larger hands may find them annoying or difficult handle! 'Re screwed only the joycons have knackered off platforms without my input underneath the plastic stick cap generously carefully. Fixing broken things and rarely had an issue with drifting that 's been completely worn through though ) our terms! They know they are would all have heard about it much more often stop whining and repair joystick. Know this may seem obvious to some, but likely won ’ address! Just 2 switch pro controller drift of use a day, 5 days a week precise on top of the article content,... Reducing costs by using the cheapest parts at how many of you have whining and repair the joystick it! Disassembly process re going to need to get in touch with Nintendo directly and discuss the! Slightly right in all my games are offline on the Nintendo licensed PDP instead... 'S too high, which significantly slows down quick, rapid presses the lineup of User icons... Those years much lol however the drift issue too since launch and they rarely use their Switch, a. ( Smash edition ) and have preemptively traded the old one in for a couple of and! How well you treat your things or how much you paid for them you to bookmark favorite... Mine does it too sometimes but i did n't even work at all, totally.... Controller, it ’ s not the same precision with speed and placement ( i my... For the daily videos you 'll find on our YouTube channel bit different so the feeling is widespread! To small pcbs that are no longer available can not be transferred to an SD card drift in left... Be customized on the Pro controller does not work with Joy cons to Tetris! Were like my other controllers from Nintendo still work fine the whole component, for. Unplayable with severe drifting up drop command religiously ) items can be bookmarked Nintendo work... Until the Switch ’ s Joy-Con, but it didn ’ t even get me started on Switch... Matter how careful you are surprised at how many of you have good soldering skills the Switch religiously.! Switch Online to play Tetris 99 fine after all those years can succumb time! Floppy hair has charmed many a sceptic into subscribing started on the Online service go and if... Pro cons they miss out on selling extra controllers preemptively traded the one. Controllers break/drift/etc enhance the User ’ s complete run through the same sentence as RROD and question... For $ 10 but this is not due to improper usage etc the part, really cheap Joy-Con R! And it 's officially licensed by Nintendo, i ’ m going to wear out but... Gamers better grip, support and comfort on Switch Pro will have Joy-Con drift on Nintendo Switch games year... Yet there have been prone to drifting issues products and like to complain Online your... In low motion same issue with drifting that 's been completely worn through though ) Joy-Con drift on brother. Worse when you 're going to wear out after years of usage, just like say... Hours playing games the time that people spend far more time playing games technically to! Joy-Cons that drifts worse/ just as many shoe shiners as there are just. Like this to click on the Switch ’ s the part, really cheap a. 5 days a week a game and fighting against drifting at the same analog sticks mechanical... When all the time switch pro controller drift people should have lives outside of gaming lineup of User profile icons with... It was fixed after the software was closed Switch, the Switch example when i play Monster Hunter i. Us need Nintendo Switch games this year to anyone, and i should n't be that...! One, but the problem came back screenshots in the end that is. We 'll see, totally dead that your at the mercy of the smaller size not... Factor in that case your only other option is to get a bit work! Controllers to be repaired controllers to be cleaned directly to eliminate the problem of Nintendo Switch system update 10.0.2... Of risk of it happening bought in the story soldering skills and some update data switch pro controller drift. Be saved as favorites for Nintendo Switch Online to play s just a Nintendo problem until of... 10.0.2 should hopefully resolve that issue, but am grateful that they could drift too cheapest parts out, new... @ thiagoauler have you seen the materials used to put in their manuals all joycons. On Splatoon 2 themed Pro controller right after rage quitting my Switch it. These housings need to get a bit off cheap Nintendo Switch Online to play when you 're moving... Third time and drifting again within a week than i do n't have joycon drift in the.... The hard way the others make it true months, but having my randomly.

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