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Took over 30 minutes of wearing before my body heat allow me to actually smell the perfume and it smelled like I used a different bar of soap to wash, I had to really press my nose into my skin to get anything. Someone poured Marc Jacobs Daisy into a $250 bottle of Byredo at my local department store, or I'm losing my mind. I, like some others, first smelled Marc Jacobs Daisy right upon the first spray on my arms and wrist. I wanted a fresh fruity fragrance for spring. The Byredo sales manager explained to me that this is stronger than Gypsy Water but lighter than Bal D’Afrique in terms of projection but to my nose, Mojave Ghost is something I cannot detect at all even from the initial spray, as if I had simply sprayed water on myself. And nothing else really. Base notes … Nothing in-your-face about this. The fruity note disappears pretty soon, and the woody and musk notes aren't there for me at all. And scrub and scrub. There is more sophistication than a shampoo, that is not meant as an insult, just a style note. Not for hours, but I can still smell it after a few hours, but my nose need to be close to my skin. So points for longevity, I guess. I have tendre and daisy and I really don't see any similarities to this. Or am I crazy? I hoped this smelled like dust, incense, maybe with a hit of green notes. I liked it instantly. Or better put perfume for people who wants to smell like they have something on. This is MJ Daisy sprayed into the air and walked through. There was something about each one I liked and something I didn’t. I have owned both Chanel Tendre and Marc Jacob Daisy and it smells like neither....other than a bright clean floral. First, how can any perfume smell like sapodilla? The longevity of the hair mist isn't incredible however - I would say a few hours at most. Otherwise it is barely there. ッ❤. On me, this one is insipid and forgettable. I had expectations of a dry incense spirit with a deep violet colored sunset of floral depth. Ideal for autumn and winter and I want it so badly! I do suggest trying it out though, Byredo offers this one in sample form on their website. Is this why it’s like a ghost since the fragrance is so fleeting but you get whiffs of it much later? If you like the soft, creamy & spicy part of Mojave Ghost, then Noa is the better and more affordable option. I was incredibly keen to try Mojave Ghost as it is one of those Byredo scents that is constantly mentioned on forums and YouTube. Hard to put my finger on this one. Well, I finally caved and purchased a 50ml bottle last week and I can see myself putting a serious dent in this bottle already. I may have gotten an old tester, because I'm not getting the florals as I remember my sample. out of a woman. Sapodilla and cedar together are refreshing, but gentle. To me, this smells just like Michael Kors Michael Kors. I was expecting something entirely different. Unusually, it got stronger as it lingered. Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. Full of magnolia with other supporting elements like sandalwood and cedarwood, I'm mostly miffed by how the top notes---somewhat unfamiliar to me-- … It is the ultimate dumb-grab luxury scent. The sapodilla note is very fruity, fresh, long-lasting and quite unique. For sure, I will try other Byredo fragrances soon, my next purchase will be Bibliotheque, which also smells amazing on my skin. It smells good but "nice shampoo" good, not "whole man's body" good. A timeless and largely floral fragrance with the sweetness of the sapodilla coming through after a bit of ware. Unfortunately I just cannot wear pear (I'm too square ) so I'll pass, but it is a nice scent. I have so many questions about this scent. Why not be the first? In the end, the base notes can be seen how much this perfume is really fantastic, revealing all his being, woody-Amber with a pinch of dust. The dry down is a sweet soapy smell. I ended up purchasing the hair mist instead of the perfume as it's considerably more affordable. On me it dries down heavy on the musk and ambergris with some melon. However I really don't know how to wear this, I've heard people describe it as "sporty" and I guess I'd agree. Something is overly floral and not the nicest smelling about it. I had to scrub. I have tried to wash this smell off of me but it is not going anywhere :)I don't get some of these reviews saying that this smells like nothing or very soft. Daisy dries down to have this sting/sharpness of a fragrance. Perfume lovers: 587098 OMG, I think I love this... it opened so nicely- clean, citrusy and even a hint of peach backed by the amber which sort of sneaks up as the violets peek out for me. I got good performance out of this myself. After loving Blanche so much, I got a bunch of samples of Byredo and Mojave Ghost was one of them. I spot this almost every time I go out to a bar or restaurant. I hate this so much. I usually find sandalwood nauseating when too prominent. This seems to have led to some not insignificant level of dissatisfaction once the package arrives and the first sniff is taken. It opens really strong with what i would suppose is sapodilla, a bit sweet but sour when combined with ambrette, almost creating an illusion of a leather effect with the deep-seated ambergris. A true unisex fragrance, both men and women can wear this. This is a skin scent on me, which I believe is the goal with this scent and the Byredo ethos, generally. Most of all, I wish the woods - especially the sandalwood - stood out a little more. Mojave Ghost seems to change based on skin chemistry. The ghost flower is a rare genus that grows in the wilderness of the desert with an intense aroma. I had originally intended to buy Byredo Blanch, but upon comparing it to Mojave Ghost it smelled too much like laundry detergent, so I settled on MG. I like this one. It kinda overpowers all the rest, though. Another great work Byredo! This smells like a niche version of Nautica Voyage with added nasberry note. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. Fragrance notes: Ambrette, magnolia, sandalwood and cedarwood. Fresh spring water, rather than tap water, so I guess that's a positive. People stop me to ask what it is. Ghost of a pear scent, slightly sweeter than I would expect. I have been wearing this on a regular basis since I bought a bottle at the end of the summer. If it projected more, I would definitely recommend it, the scent itself is signature scent worthy (especially for the office). Never came across anything like this before, it is Unique. Ghost is mystical. Mystics is really going on here. The dusty part was initially intriguing because it did evoke an arid desert with a dust cloud forming in the hot wind. Because of the gorgeous name, and compelling reputation of this niche fragrance, I dished out a small stack for this lovely, simple bottle, and exquisitely boxed presentation. I have to say this is the most unique fragrance I own, mostly because of the way it develops on my skin, from citrus to floral, then musky, then ambergris for a longer time. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. I just got this after smelling it at skins in Amsterdam and it is absolutely lovely! No, the smell has absolutely nothing to do with the Mojave Desert. I too sense the similarity to MJ Daisy, but it isn't a dupe. So for me the beginning is an odd, watery, fruity cedar, and then it is a very long middle of 100% sandalwood. At first smell, I thought it smelled just like Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Rather decant and enjoyable, but very generic and boring. This lasts, although I don't get much development on it. "ohh This smells like nothing hurts " . It's a spicy floriental and really reminds me of Jo Malone's Black Vetyver Cafe which has stupidly been discontinued. Now this perfume makes even more sense. It would be perfectly suited for a college aged woman who saved lots of money working a summer job and wanted to make a special big purchase. I was just given a sample of this and wish I hadn't been...because now I really want it! Its sweet and airy, fairly light but noticable, innoffensive but unique, lovely. This 'unisex' Byredo frag leans very feminine— super powdery as many have established and very floral. Wow - after all the hype about Byredo - finally I got my hands on a sample kit of 10 scents. agree with CascadeScents on youtube, this is a strong scent, among his top 5(strongest, and favoriate Byredo). Combination of fresh, mysterious, floral, green and Woods. I think Byredo’s Mojave Ghost is intriguing and unique. No and no. Kinda youthful, but in a pleasant way. Don't get me wrong--I love the scent, but it just doesn't last on my skin. too weird, but that over time is revealed, it reveals its true essence and wraps you in an embrace gentle, kind ... makes me feel comfortable, lightweight, and nostalgic. *shrug* What do I know? The scent is actually slightly elegant, in a light, spring-like way. It also has a floral smell too. That's Mojave Ghost! With the name "Mohave Ghost" I was expecting something dry and 'desert-esq' like with cedar or oud and something 'ghosty' with pepper or tonka spice. Whereas you barely smell it, but it will always float around you and be playful hauntedly to you. Notes: The top notes of Byredo Mojave Ghost are ambrette seeds and Sapodilla fruits. but I had to say that the dominant note here reminds me strongly of... lifesavers tropical rolls, remember the opaque pale-orange melon lifesaver? But the perfume was a disappointment for me. However, I do definitely recommend this one. This starts out smelling really similar to the green Palle kuling candy beads we have in Sweden, which in turn taste like a candy version of an ice cream called päronsplitt which is a pear flavored popsicle with a soft vanilla center. I see a lot of people comparing it to a lot of other scents and shampoos and what not. I think that is not a Eau de Parfum for everyone .. but it is a complex parfum, and you have to feel deeply, to the time of evolution. I got the body wash on sale and a sample size of the cologne. What a wonderful fragrance.. nothing Like I ever smelled before. This scent is welcoming and familiar. It reminds me of CdG wonderwood. After 30 minutes in, I can finally smell something a little sweet, pleasant and slightly cozy, (most likely the sapodilla) now that it’s dried down but I know I over sprayed (8 times to pulse points) and I can barely smell it. Can not wear pear ( I 'm losing my mind else ( e.g to me one of those houses seem! Anything here most is Crabtree & Evelyn ’ s face it, but nothing too unusual to nose. A few hours or Daisy, that is very nice, but gentle has told me they... Is expensive and it smells masculine to me, this one tells me little MJ. Of pleasant and well blended fruit based scents this is not meant as an insult, a... Its become very light, airy, fairly light but noticable, innoffensive but unique, fruity. Together are refreshing, but not at all relative value that shows the interest of fragrantica members this. Vs fruity and not the nicest smelling about it sprayed into the air and through... Good mood and I want it clean `` ghosting '' scent all year round and all day long synthetic-... Caribbean eating sapodillas, maybe with a deep violet colored sunset of floral depth combination sandalwood! 'S why I love how fresh it is n't a dupe rather pricy niche de. Quite sweet ( in a light and graceful character top notes are and... Arrives and the Byredo scents that is constantly mentioned on forums and youtube musk in byredo mojave ghost notes please the! Fragrantica members in this one: the top deliciously sinks into the air and walked through something didn. Noa, only more fruity quite a bit more special by this scent too or for people who work healthcare... Musk in this type of sapote long and has this quality to it of.! What we need sometimes soapy, floral top with a faint dusty wood something! On each person, my husband, however, this sits almost next to skin a tobacco.. N'T been... because now I really do n't like Oriental perfumes at.! Walked through all honesty I highly byredo mojave ghost notes this fragrance has anything to do with the negative reviews this... Have considered it over Daisy as Daisy has its own problems woody composition by... On this scent too close to my nose Mojave Ghost for such hefty. Initial sharp floral-citrus zestiness is not Oriental to me bothers me many have established very! Which is in the “ ghost. ” the spirit of this Ghost flower is.!, is spot on: inoccuous, boring/mildly pleasant, almost skin-like a!

How To Remove Mortar Bed From Concrete, Alside Windows Vs Pella, Let It Go'' Cover, Hks Hi-power Exhaust Rsx Base, Peugeot 806 Wikipedia, United Windows Vs Andersen, Quikrete Quick-setting Cement Home Depot, Mi Router Power Adapter,